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Slash Your LCL shipping Costs with ShareShipper

“Slash Your LCL shipping Costs with ShareShipper””

LCL shipments over the last years have increased for many good reasons.

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Although many suppliers and buyers in the past have been hesitant,

sharing a container has proven to be too beneficial to ignore.

Small and mid-sized businesses often don’t have the volumes to fill a full container and waiting to do so means missing delivery deadlines.


Traditionally it has always been more common to ship FCL (full container load) as it was believed to be more cost efficient, however as that is no longer the case many have turned to LCL (less container load) due to its’ numerous benefits.


-Clear and easily calculated costs (weight / cubic measurement).

-Suppliers / receivers do not have to commit to large inventory investments,

meaning if you are a small business you can either ship or purchase as much or as little as you wish.

Slash LCL shipping costs

-Land transport from or to your facility,

costs less as the multiple stop route expense is split between yourself and those shipping LCL along with your cargo.

Now, let’s say you have decided on this method of shipment as you do not have enough volume to fill an FCL (full container load) unit,

perhaps you would like to reduce your costs even more so,

as you should and as so many other growing businesses are.

ShareShipper is here to help you do just that.

Sure, you can go through the long and common process of booking your shipment with all the hassles,

but in today’s market and fast-moving world you need to stay ahead in order to get ahead.


ShareShipper assists and encourages you to network and connect with other traders such as yourselves enabling you not only to partner in the logistics to cut costs,

but also allows you to introduce your products and services to a wider spectrum.


ShareShipper is a social marketplace dedicated to benefiting importers / exporters and offers unlimited business potential and shipping opportunities never provided before.

Meet shippers just like you and find your match to save even more on your LCL cargo shipment.

We cater to traders globally in FCL/LCL and logistics solutions and can cut your shipping costs too.


Join us today and launch to success!


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